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Our Journey

Recastle was established in Dec, 2019. Recastle means to rebuild. With our product range, we hope to rebuild your health that has been harmed by today’s modern lifestyle. We are a trustworthy Health supplements brand in India that provides simple, scientific, and practical solutions for a healthier lifestyle. We make every effort to create the best vitamin supplements in India. 

We all know that staying healthy is difficult. It is difficult to avoid stress. It’s also not easy to fall asleep on time. Going to morning workout, getting in shape, getting enough sun, reading through an ingredient list and deciding whether or not a product will work… Nothing is simple. 

That is why we make sensible health supplements in India.

We attempted to create the best Nutritional and Vitamin Supplements in India using high-quality, clinically validated ingredients. You should always know what you’re consuming which is why we at Recastle are always clear and honest about what our products contain, how they work and what you should expect from them.

Our approach inspires us to work tirelessly to provide innovative health supplements in India that help improve specific health conditions. We aim to make nutraceuticals essential, instead of luxury so that it can help people in their mission of better health.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a healthy and active India! 

We aim to provide all dietary supplements online under one roof that are of high quality and affordable, so that everyone can achieve their health goals with Recastle. We want to make good health more exciting and delicious for everyone.

Our Vision

We want Recastle to be a top nutritional supplements brand in India. We want to be a part of every family’s fitness journey. At Recastle, we strive for more than just athletic performance; we also strive for healthier lifestyle adaptation.

We do the best R&D on our products and try to develop such products that will provide the greatest benefits to our customers while also being easy to consume in your daily fast life.

Complete transparency

We at Recastle believe that everything you put into your body is extremely important. As a result, we source ingredients from reputable suppliers and organic farms in order to provide you with a high-quality product.

Innovative Ingredients

Our products are backed with radical nutrition science & ayurvedic traditional healing wisdom to give your body what it needs to thrive.

Taste with comfort

We truly believe that being healthy does not have to be bland or devoid of flavour. Our products are made with care, taste, and convenience in mind. We want to provide the most important nutrients while also making you happy.

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