The “Indian Ginseng”: A Rasayana with powerful benefits for Health & Beauty

17 Dec, 2022
Recastle Ashwa kushal

The merits of the Ayurvedic system of medicine are not a secret anymore and are now being acknowledged worldwide and Ashwagandha is considered a very essential herb of Ayurveda.

The merits of the Ayurvedic system of medicine are not a secret anymore and are now being acknowledged worldwide, and Ashwagandha is considered a very essential herb of Ayurveda. It is commonly known as “Indian Ginseng” or “Indian Winter Cherry”. Ashwagandha is the most important Rasayana because it has a very wide range of health benefits. Starting from increasing stamina to being found useful in treating neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Though every simple part of the plant is useful, it is also very interesting to know that the root of Ashwagandha has a maximum number of beneficial properties. Ashwagandha’s root smells like a horse and that is why it is called Ashwagandha. In a way, it conveys that consuming Ashwagandha will give power to a horse.
Health Benefits of Ashwagandha:

1. Anxiety:
Ashwagandha is classified as an adaptogen, which means it help to fight symptoms of depression and anxiety. It helps reduce chronic stress by a reduction in insomnia and anxiety.

If you are experiencing stress in your day-to-day life you can try Ashwa Kushal which has ashwagandha as one of its key ingredients. It will alleviate tension and exhaustion.

2. Inflammation:
Inflammation is generally the body’s response to infection, trauma, etc. Normally body reacts by producing anti-inflammatory responses to create balance. But in the case of chronic pain body will is not capable to regulate the response. There are many herbs in Ayurveda to address this problem and Ashwagandha is one of them.

3. Preventing Acne:
It is interesting to know that the root of Ashwagandha has antimicrobial as well as antibacterial properties which will protect the skin from infections. It also increases collagen in the skin which prevents ageing. Ashwagandha is believed to have properties that reduce scars and improves skin tone.

4. Boosting Immunity:
The ability of Ashwagandha to boost immunity is considered as one of the most important aspects. Ashwagandha helps fight infection and increase overall immunity. Ashwa Kushal will help you stay strong, heal faster, and fight infections with increased immunity, without a doubt.

5. Resolving Insomnia:
Do you have a feeling that you can’t fall asleep effortlessly? Do you lay awake in bed till late at night? Does this happen to you on a regular basis? If so there is an Ayurvedic solution to it. Ashwagandha helps treat insomnia. It contains sleep-inducing properties that are beneficial to people suffering from lack of sleep.

6. Treating Asthma:
Ashwagandha has proven to be a natural cure for Asthma; a respiratory disease that causes coughing, shortness of breath, and chest congestion. Ashwagandha root’s ability to reduce stress, in turn, helps to cure asthma.

7. Increasing stamina:
The pace at which we live our lives on a daily basis is very exhausting. On top of that, an unhealthy diet tends to decrease stamina and make you feel more tired. Ashwagandha aids the body to save and sustain the vital in the daytime and promotes peaceful sleep at night.

8. Diabetes:
Diabetes is tough to fight as it requires a complete shift of lifestyle. The most difficult thing to manage is to adjust to all the medicines that become part of daily routine. Even worse is the side effects that come along with the medicines.

On the other hand, Ayurveda is known to cure the disease from its route, that too naturally and without any side effects. Ashwagandha controls the amount of insulin that the body produces. It stimulates insulin secretion by breaking down sugars in the blood. Ashwagandha ensures that less harmful sugars are stored in the body. When one consumes Ashwagandha for a significant amount of time, the blood sugar levels remain low and affect the overall metabolism of the body for better health.

9. Maintain healthy fertility levels:
Last but not least, one of the most important benefits of Ashwagandha is to regulate testosterone generation. Recastle Ashwa Kushal can help maintain male fertility levels for men suffering from low sperm count. Recent studies have proven that Withanolides found in Ashwagandha have improved sperm count by 167% and also improvement in antioxidant levels and sperm quality.

We hope that this article has been able to answer at least some of your health-related queries and possible solutions. You can start having Ashwagandha post-consultation with your doctor.